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Air Conditioning 

      Full A/C Service only $49.99           Save $20.00 for the entire summer or 2016.

Don’t waste your money on a can of refrigerant that will not have the right amount of refrigerant for your vehicle, but also does not contain any oil to keep you’re A/C compressor alive! At Josh’s Garage, our A/C service includes everything your system needs. Your A/C system will be brought down to a 30lb vacuum to insure no major leaks are in the system. During that time, our certified technicians will fill the system with the proper amount of oil and dye to insure your compressor stays in working order. Then will we add the correct amount of refrigerant.

Did you know?

              An A/C system needs to be pulled down to a vacuum for 20-30 minutes, to insure all moisture is removed from the system. This is why some A/C systems work better than others, the moisture was not properly removed before the system was filled.


Brake Special

  Gold Brake Pads and Rotors for $229.99       You save $20.00 For a limited time 

 Don’t waste you time or money just slapping pads on your worn out brake rotors. This will not only void your warranty, but your brake pads will loose their effectiveness if your rotors are not in good condition. At Josh’s Garage, we insure your brake pads are lubed properly when installed, your slides move as they should, and your calipers are in proper working condition.

Did you know?
               The most common reason you feel a shudder when braking is from warped rotors. When you drive, your brake rotors heat up and cool over and over, this heat eventually warps the rotors and this results in poor braking, shudder or vibration while braking.

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